**NEW** Ward Map

Please click on the following link to view the Swan Valley West Ward Boundary Map.

Ward Map

Municipality of Swan Valley West 2018 Election Candidates

ReeveWilliam GallowayYesYesRe-Elected
Councillor – Ward 1Glen FosterYesYesRe-Elected
Councillor – Ward 2Carrie BloshaYes Re-Elected
Councillor – Ward 2Shane YaschyshynNo Defeated
Councillor – Ward 3Terry NeelyNo Defeated
Councillor – Ward 3Bill GadeNo Elected
Councillor – Ward 4Tyler KushnirykNoYesElected
Councillor – Ward 5David MinishYes Defeated
Councillor – Ward 5Matt WillsNo Elected
Councillor – Ward 6Brian BurickYes Defeated
Councillor – Ward 6Darryl PierrepontNo Elected

    Benito LUD Committee

Dale OffenbergerYes Defeated
Grant SchneiderYes Re-Election
Curtis HackNo Elected
Brad KushnirykNo Elected