Recycling Dates


Blue Box Recycling is picked up every 2nd Wednesday within the LUD of Benito.
2017 Recycle dates for the LUD of Benito are as follows:
January – 4th & 18th
February – 1st & 15th
March – 1st, 15th & 29th
April – 12th & 26th
May – 10th & 24th
June – 7th & 21st
July – 12th & 26th
August – 9th & 23rd
September – 6th & 20th
October – 4th & 18th
November – 1st, 15th & 29th
December – 13th & 27th

Items to include in your Blue Box;
-Aluminum Cans
-Box Board
-Soup Cans etc.
-Milk Cartons/Jugs

Blue Boxes are available for purchase at either the Benito or the Swan River Municipal Offices during regular business hours.
The purchase price of the Blue Recycle Boxes is $12.00 per box.