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Public Notice-Benito Water System

The Benito Public Water System has submitted 15 sets of routine water samples so far this year to an accredited laboratory to verify the bacteriological safety of the water at the water plant and throughout the community, with lab testing results sent immediately and directly to the Office of Drinking Water. In addition, daily chlorine residual tests verify sufficient treatment and contact time to provide safe treated water between bacteriological tests. These monthly reports are submitted to the Office of Drinking Water for review. The Water Treatment Plant Operator has been trained and certified to the level of this water treatment plant and distribution system.

The Benito water supply is very hard and has naturally occurring elevated levels of iron and manganese. Calcium carbonate in drinking water is used to calculate water hardness and the Benito water supply has about 600 mg/L of calcium carbonate. A value greater than 180 mg/L of calcium carbonate is considered ‘very hard’. Calcium carbonate can also cause white floating particles to appear in the water. Residential water softeners are effective at reducing water hardness and many residents already have these in use.

The Water System uses greensand filtration to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese from the source water. These metals are the culprits of current discoloration issues. The filtration media was recently replaced to improve their removal. The reservoir was also recently cleaned and regular flushing helps remove possible buildup of metals within the distribution system. Spring flushing was performed with additional flushing scheduled this month and again in fall.  Additional metals samples are being sent for lab analysis and will continue four times per year to monitor the effectiveness of manganese removal. August results are expected soon.

The Benito Public Water System is licensed by The Province and must meet related treatment and reporting requirements. The Water System maintains regular contact with and fully cooperates with all requirements and direction provided by the Office of Drinking Water. If you have specific concerns, please contact the municipal office to determine if follow up or additional testing is required.