Property Tax Information

 September 28th, 2018

Commencing October 1st, 2018
Current Year:  1 1/4% per month

Payments MUST be in Canadian Funds
Payable to:
Municipality of Swan Valley West

Payments will be posted to your account on
the date received at the Municipal Office
(not the date postmarked by Canada Post)

Postdated Cheques are accepted and will be 
processed at the date specified on the cheque.

On-Line Payments can now be made through
 the following Financial Institutions:

  Swan Valley Credit Union
  TD Canda Trust
  Scotia Bank
  Bank of Montreal (BMO)

NOTE:  Any landowner who wishes to have their
name removed from the Municipal Ownership Map
please submit a request in writing to the Municipal
Office. Names will be removed for the next printing.

 Education Property Tax Credit: 
If you didn’t receive an Education Property Tax Credit on your
        primary place of residence you still have time to apply.
To qualify, you have to live in the home in January 1, 2018.
   Application forms are available until November 1, 2018.


Municipal Levies:           2017          2018          DIFF

At Large                                             9.641                9.322                -3.31%

Rural                                                  2.908                2.491               -14.34%

Benito LUD                                      27.176               33.495              23.25%


School Levies:______   _________________  _

Prov. Other (Commercial)             10.500               9.770                -6.95%

SVRSS-Residential & Business    14.040              13.707                -2.37%


Total Rural:___________________________ _

Farm & Residential                         26.589             25.520              -4.02%

Other (Commercial)                        37.089             35.290               -4.85%


Total Urban:_________________________      

Residential                                      50.857             56.524                11.14%

Other (Commercial)                        61.357               66.294               8.05%